Practical Applications for Nonverbal Intelligence and the Emotional Indicators of Crossed Arms and Legs.

Probably one of the greatest body language myths in existence is that crossed arms is an indication of “blocking”. Certainly, it can be, but most of the time people cross their arms as a pacifying behavior.

Square-Jawed (or not)?

What about a jaw shift? What does it look like and what does it indicate? Suppose you’re talking to someone and suddenly it looks like they were punched in the side of their jaw, which suddenly moves sideways and then snaps back.

Holding On (Or Hiding) For Dear Life

The interaction between our legs and chairs can signal a lot. When someone suddenly “interlocks” their ankles, it is highly indicative that something is amiss.

Practical Applications for Nonverbal Intelligence and Emotional Indicators of Facial Denting

What is facial denting in terms of body language? It’s a form of stress relief during particularly trying times.

Why now is the perfect time to kick start your research efforts.

Are you confident that consumers are perceiving or engaging with your category, your brand, your products the same way they did a couple years ago? If there is even a hint of doubt in your mind, then it is imperative you get ahead of these unknowns before your competition does.

Come out of Your Shell

Practical Applications for Nonverbal Intelligence and Emotional Indicators of the Turtle Effect By David M. Schneer, Ph.D./CEO 3-Minute Read Turtles withdraw their heads and limbs into their shell when they feel threatened. Turns out, so do humans. While we cannot withdraw our limbs into an outer shell, we can—and do, ever so slowly—raise our shoulders when […]

Net Promoter Score (NPS) – Is it Enough?

The corporate world’s love affair with NPS is as simple as the metric itself. There is a clear desire to leverage a single, simple-to-identify number to judge a brand’s performance over time.

Top 10 Reasons You Might Need Market Research

How do you know when you need market research? That’s a good question. Here are some of the things that have raised our research antennae…

Back in the Box: Qualitative Observations from In-Person Interviews in a Pandemic

To conduct interviews, we need to ensure that our pandemic protocols are buttoned up. We are working with facilities who have the most stringent safety standards.

Who’s Your Daddy?

In-person interviewing yields significantly more information than remote methods for those who can decipher the cues, but…