How Can a Research Retainer Keep You from Hulking Out? Ask Amy! Part I

A corporate researcher’s sole purpose is to support internal teams and overall corporate objectives, and in turn, do their part to keep shareholders happy. To do this, you need to…

Are You Listening Mr. Future President? Forbes Features Merrill Research Poll Regarding Women’s Healthcare Issues.

We asked women about issues ranging from Presidential support for healthcare in general, the cost of healthcare, support for women’s health, Covid-19, and personal health concerns. The results were resounding.

Part III: The Union of Marijuana and Alcohol: How Consumers are Using Recreational Cannabis with Adult Beverages. Ask Amy!

Young people are being pulled away from alcohol, in favor of recreational cannabis. Factors such as “bang for the buck”, increasing accessibility, varied product options, and fewer adverse side effects can be…

Part II: Not your average flower shop. What and where are consumers buying recreational cannabis? Ask Amy!

Which method of cannabis consumption is preferred? In our study, we found that recreational cannabis users tend to favor flower/bud over its other applications, with 62% reporting they consume it weekly or more often. Edibles represent…

Never Lose Sight of Project Management Fundamentals: Communication, Honesty, and Trust

Often projects are awarded not based on cost or the complexity. Rather, they tend to be awarded based on the relationship between the client and the project manager.

How are Consumers Using Recreational Cannabis in the 21st Century? Ask Amy!

So much has changed for the once- clandestine pot industry. One by one, American states are…

The Art of Remote Ethnography: Monitoring Environments When You Can’t Be There

Since the onset of Covid-19, in-person qualitative research has been shelved in favor of digital or voice solutions. In-person ethnographic research has also been a victim of the coronavirus.

7 Deadly Sins of Questionnaire Design: Part 2

How do you draft a sinless questionnaire that yields valid and meaningful insights? Temptation lies within the questionnaire. That’s where we see lots of transgressions that you should always avoid, and ideally never commit when designing, writing or fielding a questionnaire.

The Body Language of the Voice. Decoding the Sound of Silence

Circumstances may prevent some people from being in front of a camera and others abhor being in front of one. What can you learn from a person’s voice alone? Plenty.