How are Consumers Using Recreational Cannabis in the 21st Century? Ask Amy!

So much has changed for the once- clandestine pot industry. One by one, American states are…

The Art of Remote Ethnography: Monitoring Environments When You Can’t Be There

Since the onset of Covid-19, in-person qualitative research has been shelved in favor of digital or voice solutions. In-person ethnographic research has also been a victim of the coronavirus.

7 Deadly Sins of Questionnaire Design: Part 2

How do you draft a sinless questionnaire that yields valid and meaningful insights? Temptation lies within the questionnaire. That’s where we see lots of transgressions that you should always avoid, and ideally never commit when designing, writing or fielding a questionnaire.

The Body Language of the Voice. Decoding the Sound of Silence

Circumstances may prevent some people from being in front of a camera and others abhor being in front of one. What can you learn from a person’s voice alone? Plenty.

The Body Language of Fingers: Deciphering the Discourse of Digits

The Finger. That’s right. You know what I mean. And so does everyone else. That’s because it’s an “emblem.” What’s an emblem, you ask? We’ll that’s the point.

The Body Language of Hands: Watching Them Talk Can Come in Handy

Hands get a bad rap. How, you ask? Well, fill in the blanks. “Don’t bite the (____) that feeds you.” “Blood on your (____).” “Bound (____) and foot.” And, lest we forget, “(____) caught in the cookie jar.” The hands always seem to be mired in deep…

A Call to Arms. Deciphering the Language of Limbs

Despite being our external defenders, arms can carry on quite a conversation too. Here are 10 ways you can decipher the body language of arms.

Talking Torsos and Other Noisy Body Parts: Deciphering Body Language Below the Face

Often neglected in the study of nonverbal intelligence, the Torso is our “body’s billboard,” claims former FBI Agent and Profiler, Joe Navarro.

Burning Down the House (in a Quarantine): Deciphering the Body Language of Talking Heads

So, what can you learn from a bunch of talking heads (and shoulders) anyway? Quite a bit, actually. If your bandwidth is strong and you have a decent monitor, there is a very good chance that you’ll be able to see most, if not all, of the seven universal facial micro expressions: happiness, fear, anger, surprise, contempt, disgust, and sadness.

Even During a Pandemic, No Man is an Island: How Remote Interviewing is Helping Clients (and Saving Market Research)

So, your exploratory focus group study that was planned for May just got canceled. Your ad agency just finished the campaign executions that you were going to test via one-on-one in-person, in-depth interviews, but now all of the focus group venues you planned to visit are closed.