Ecosystem Partners

Merrill Research has developed long-term partnerships with leading companies who provide top-shelf consulting and drives value for our client.

We support our partners with cutting-edge market research intelligence for the following use cases: market assessment, new product development, market development strategy & planning, go-to market planning, branding/positioning/messaging, marketing and sales execution, and acquisition/exits.

These are the industry leading companies with whom we align to provide insightful and actionable services:

Chasm Group is a team of seasoned technology professionals who specialize in helping technology-based companies achieve market-leading positions in both emerging and established markets. You might know them by their international bestsellers, led by Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm, the groundbreaking text on high technology market development. More books followed authored by Moore, and by founding members Tom Kippola (The Gorilla Game) and Paul Wiefels (The Chasm Companion).

The Chasm Institute is a Silicon-Valley based training and consulting firm that helps high-tech companies accelerate market success of key products and services. The company delivers keynote speeches for conferences and annual kick-offs, executive briefing sessions for senior leadership teams, action workshops for product groups and marketing teams, and break-out growth projects to help CEOs and senior managers accelerate results in their strategic growth initiatives.

Iris Advisors is a market growth strategy and execution firm devoted to achieving measurable business impact through focus utilizing an “agile swarming” model. Their team consists of senior level operating executives with deep domain expertise required to fulfill growth objectives— from focused strategic planning to organic and inorganic growth strategies — from brand, marketing, and sales execution to digital activation — from empirically-based product roadmap prioritization to organizational efficiency and effectiveness efforts. They work with senior leadership teams at emerging and established tech-based companies to deliver measurable business impact during periods of change, transition, and transformation.

TMC Group specializes in product launch strategies and works with clients to develop and test product positioning and branding strategies, messaging platforms and programs to ensure success. The company is uniquely qualified to team with engineering, marketing, sales, finance and executive staffs to develop and deploy impactful marketing programs. TMC Group helps clients to understand the attributes that win customer loyalty, and the triggers that lead to customer defection.

183 Degrees is a full-service, award-winning advertising agency. 183 features a select team of agency and marketing vets to deliver the creativity and analytics you'd expect from the largest agencies in a leaner, more efficient model.

The company provides consulting in strategy, measurement & analysis, creative & production, and media planning & placement.

Founded and led by veteran marketer Andy Cunningham, Cunningham Collective is a marketing strategy firm with an expertise in brand positioning. Using their proprietary framework, Cunningham Collective helps executive teams identify, articulate, and align on their company's unique role and relevance in the market. With Cunningham Collective, every client walks away with a clear articulation of their core identity, positioning strategy, and brand expression--the foundational elements to any strong brand identity and position.