Get Back on Track: Part II

Which Tracking Study Methodology is Best for You Now? Part II Snapshot or Motion Picture?

By Angela Burtch, Vice President

3-Minute Read

In our previous blog we asked if you knew the effect of Covid-19 on your brand.  We recommended that brand tracking should be retained during this time of twists and turns.  We believe that now is the time to start planning for tracking research or updating your existing trackers. Depending on your industry, brand, and/or messaging, you could consider either a “Snapshot” or “Motion Picture” tracking approach. Which is best for you? Well that depends.

In today’s environment, we recommend that brands revisit their tracking measurement approach and consider whether Motion Picture or Snapshot tracking is warranted. Here’s why:

We acknowledge the myriad moving parts and inputs that can determine which is the best tracker to meet your stated objectives. Come talk to us. We’ll help you sort it out.

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