Protecting Client Investments Through Research

With over 100 collective years of marketing research experience, Merrill Research has helped clients protect their product development and strategic communications investments to help maximize opportunities.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach here at Merrill Research. Because we are a global, custom, boutique firm, we have the flexibility and brainpower to design the methodological approach that is best suited to meet your specific needs.

We approach each engagement uniquely, regardless of complexity. And because we do not employ inexperienced researchers, your project will always be executed by seasoned professionals.

Complete Range of Research Services

Merrill Research employs a full range of qualitative and quantitative data collection methodologies and analytics. Our expansive toolbox enables us to objectively assess the ideal approach and analysis to meet your burning business questions.

We understand that your needs can vary based on staff, budget, or other constraints. You may find yourself with a raw dataset in need of tabulation. Or perhaps you have tables in hand, but need help uncovering the story and revealing its insights through an elegant final report. Our team has decades of experience in these areas and are happy to help you seamlessly meet your customer needs.

Qualitative: Focus groups, in-depth interviews, dyads/triads, telephone audits, online community boards, ethnography, UX/UI, Remote/Virtual Research and more. Examples: Advertising/messaging evaluation, concept/new product development and refinement, packaging, satisfaction and loyalty.

With the ability to reach participants worldwide, we offer Remote/Virtual Qualitative Research. Qualitative Research does not need to be limited to in-person interviews or groups.

Full-service deliverables: Methodological design, screener and discussion guide development, project management, moderation, sampling and field services, analysis, report

Learn more about Merrill Research Remote/Virtual Qualitative Research

Quantitative: Web/telephone/mail/intercept surveys, central location testing (CLT), custom panels, and more. Examples: Brand perception, concept evaluation, brand/product positioning, usage and attitude, customer satisfaction, advertising copy/image evaluation, brand/product name evaluation, market segmentation, pricing, conjoint, product feature prioritization, packaging/label evaluation.


  • Full-service: Methodological design, screener and survey development, sampling and fielding services, project management, data processing, multivariate analytics, analysis, report
  • Standalone services: Data processing, multivariate analytics, analysis, report

Primary Research in New Product Development

Custom Panel Development

Custom panels offer our clients the ability to build and access a database of pre-screened target audience members who are willing to participate in research engagements on an ongoing basis.

Merrill Research builds custom panels for clients who seek unparalleled sample quality, rapid project turnaround times, flexibility, and significant cost savings versus conducting individual research projects on a one-off basis.

Merrill Research offers full-service custom panel capabilities, such as complete panel development, panel refreshment, branded or unbranded portals/websites, ongoing management, and execution of panel-based research initiatives.


Merrill Research has curated a robust network of international partners who allow us unparalleled reach to even the most challenging B2C or B2B sample specifications. If a participant spec is reachable, we will find them.

B2B participants can sometimes pose a unique challenge, and we can reach nearly anyone: SOHO to global enterprise, individual contributors to C-suite, HR to IT, the entire electronics distribution channel (OEMs, VARs, SIs, distributors, wholesalers, retailers).

If we can’t find your target audience, nobody can.

Industry Expertise

For decades, Merrill Research has solved business problems for clients across countless categories and verticals. To highlight just a few:

Technology: Semiconductor, hardware, networking/communications, software/security, peripherals, IT, distribution channel, consulting services
Beverage alcohol: Wine, beer, spirits, consumers, trade, industry associations, appellations
Travel and hospitality: Accommodations, travel rewards clubs, hotel analytics, destinations, restaurants, transportation
Health care/medical technology: Wound care, gamma ray knife, glucose monitoring devices, aesthetic dermatology, orthodontics, dentistry, hearing aids, medical groups