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The Merrill Institute grew out of a need identified by David M. Schneer, Co-Founder of Merrill Research. In decades of conducting qualitative research, David often noticed a disconnect between what his respondents “said” and what their bodies and facial expressions seemed to be saying. Increasingly his research clients sought him out not just to conduct research, but to teach them the fundamentals of body language.

Wanting to ensure that he could teach others these skills he sought the world’s leading experts, The Center for Body Language (CBL) in Brussels Belgium.

Studying under that group’s founders, David became one of just a few dozen Body Language and Micro Expression Trainers in the world certified by the CBL


David found that utilizing the skills he attained not only improved the results of his research, but he saw how those skills could help people to improve their relationships and enhance their own professional success in the same way it improved his. The Merrill Institute (TMI) exists today to help David implement his vision of helping people in two major ways. For those who want to learn the practice and use of Body Language and Micro Expression Science, TMI licenses online content from the CBL or creates customized on-site workshops whether it be for Corporate HR, Training departments even sales and marketing professionals. For others who are looking for a new or secondary career, TMI conducts extended public workshops, usually 3-5 days in which their students not only learn the fundamentals of the science, but how to themselves train the next generation of practitioners and trainers and run their own business.


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