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SHARING Non-Verbal Communication SKILLS

Whether we realize it or not, we’ve all experienced communications contradictions in some form or another. What do we mean? A customer says they’re extremely interested in buying your product, but you never hear from them again. A job applicant confidently expresses their ability to fulfill a role, but two weeks into the job it is clear they are unqualified. A research participant has a positive verbal reaction to a new product concept, but somehow their body language is not quite so convincing. My passion is to understand why people do and think what they do. Why do they buy one brand but not another? Why does one piece of communications resonate while another doesn't?

The qualitative research services of Merrill Research have been in high demand for decades as David M. Schneer, Ph.D., cofounder and CEO raised the bar in qualitative research by incorporating non-verbal analyses in his research sessions. In addition to his four decades of conducting face-to-face research among a variety of consumers and professionals globally, David studied directly under the founders of The Center for Body Language in Brussels, Belgium.

The Merrill Institute

Recognizing the power of non-verbal communications, David formed the Merrill Institute to complete his vision of teaching others how to read the many silent signals our bodies beacon. The Merrill Institute will help people in two main ways: First, for those who want to learn the practice of Micro Expression reading, they can either attend a day-long, in-person workshop or complete their training completely online. Second, for those who want more comprehensive training, the Merrill Institute offers certificates for becoming a Body Language Master (Micro Expression Practitioner and Body Language training)—in a three-day seminar. These sessions can be either in person or live-streamed and are ideal for Corporate HR, Training departments even sales and marketing professionals.

These workshops can be further customized for any client, all in a proprietary in-house customer setting. These are ideal solutions for any customer looking to train several professionals or even departments.

Beyond adding to your professional skillset, these sessions will help you to improve your emotional intelligence enabling richer and deeper relationships with the most important people in your personal and professional lives.

Most Communication is Nonverbal. Are you fluent?

The Merrill Institute

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