WINE INDUSTRY COMPETITION: Making Your Wine Club all it can be.

By David M. Schneer, Ph.D.

Wine. It is the elixir of the gods. It is the stuff of poems.  It is a very competitive multi-billion dollar industry.  With so many different wineries and wines to choose from it has become imperative for wineries to inspire loyalty from their customers once acquired.  We all know it is much more efficient to keep an existing customer than to spend resources finding new ones.


Wine clubs began in the 1970’s and, in the new millennium, have provide a much-needed boost to the bottom line for thousands of wineries. Today, it is practically unheard of for a winery not to have one.  The clubs inspire new customers to invest in a relationship with the winery both monetarily and emotionally and to have that relationship grow over time.  Wine clubs work, but with so much competition and with savvy customers expecting different perks for joining a club, wineries must now work double time to cultivate the winery/customer relationship to keep members continually interested and not thinking about leaving.


At Merrill Research we get that there is a lot of competition by wine clubs for member attention and we also get that understanding more about how wine clubs are currently run and how they can run better will maximize membership retention.  We conducted deep research among wine club members and created a now-available report to help you understand:

  • Why do members choose to join a wine club?
  • Are they satisfied with their wine club experience?
  • What motivates them to stay?
  • Why do they leave?
  • How can you win them back?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond providing access to great wine, the wine club member’s experience with the club is the key to a long and fulfilling relationship.

Our report Wine Club Dynamics 2018 will provide you with the valuable information you need to grow your wine club membership and keep existing members happy.  Here is just a taste of some of the information you will receive in the report:

  • What wine club members buy, how much they buy, and where they buy it
  • Ideas on how to get and keep current, lapsed, and never before members
  • Unique characteristics of Napa Valley club members
  • Insight on why members join, rejoin, and leave a club
  • Three unique wine club consumer segments that explain
    • Motivation for why people in each segment stay in wine clubs
    • Price point sweet spots
    • Number of preferred shipments per year
  • Wine club members’ advice to wineries
  • Ideas to develop and enhance your relationship with members

You have a great wine club. Let Merrill Research help you make it even better.

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