Now is NOT the Time for Radio Silence with your Customers

As companies continue to grapple with Covid-19, the market research industry has hit a brick wall. Like a beachball at a rock concert, the fundamental question now being bandied about in global market research departments is “should we be conducting research during a pandemic?”

Where Great Research Goes to Die: Ask Amy

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How to Get the Best from Your Research Supplier Relationships: Ask Amy!

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THROW THE BUM OUT!!! What do Baseball and Quality Data Have in Common? More Than You Think!

By Michael Rinck – Vice President The Oakland A’s brand of Billy Ball brought to light the use of data as a competitive advantage for baseball teams. But for any data to be useful, it needs to be clean. We’re pretty sure cleaning research data doesn’t conjure up thoughts of baseball.  Probably not right off […]

So, You Want To Build A Panel? Read This Before You Do!

By Angela Burtch – Vice President We’ve been developing market research panels for the past 20 years in industries ranging from telecommunications, engineering, and travel/hospitality.  Both consumer and B2B. So, what exactly is a panel?  A market research panel is most simply a group of people recruited to participate in both quantitative and qualitative research. […]

The Neutral Micro Expression

The Myth of The Poker Face By David M. Schneer, Ph.D. Anyone who knows me well knows that I don’t play cards. Poker? No way. Not only do the suits confuse me, but poker parlance is pretty peculiar: from flops, flushes, and folds to tilts, trips and turns. Gutshots and under the gun? Muck? I’ll pass. […]

The Micro Expression of Surprise

The Element of Surprise By David M. Schneer, Ph.D. Surprise cuts both ways. Surprise can be positive and absolutely breathtaking: an unexpected gift, a marriage proposal, bumping into a long-lost friend, a surprise party. Or, surprise can be negative and sometimes deadly; infidelity, an assault, an ambush. Either way, surprise is the micro expression we show […]

The Micro Expression of Sadness

Sympathy for the Sad By David M. Schneer, Ph.D. In our last blog, we discussed micro expressions of fear. Today we discuss the micro expression of sadness and how to spot its various forms. I remember one particular interview like it happened yesterday, although it was several years ago. I was conducting ad evaluation interviews in […]